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          -Party Trays and Party Subs-

   All Party Subs serve approximately 5-6 guests per foot. They include: shredded lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and our Italian dressing on the side. Mustard, mayonnaise, and honey-Dijon mustard is available at an additional cost.

   •Super-Yeller Party Sub                                                     $20.99 per foot
(Ham, Salami, Bologna, & American cheese. Served with all the garnish.

    •Gourmet Party Sub                                                                 $21.99 per foot

      (All white meat Turkey breast, Ham, Pastrami, or Roast Beef. Or, choose any two
        meats listed. Topped with all the garnish.

    •Vegetarian Party Sub                                                         $20.99 per foot   

       (Layers of Provolone, American, and Swiss Cheese. Served with lettuce, tomatoes
        onions, and Italian dressing on the side) 

   EXTRAS on PARTY SUBS:  (Swiss, American, or Provolone), green chili, or bell peppers   $1.99 per foot each

     •Potato Salad -or-Macaroni Salad: 
         Small Tray (12 inch) Serves 15-18........25.95   Large Bowl Serves 30-35 ................34.95

    •Jumbo Bowl of "Fresh-Cooked Chips"(serves 10-12)...$19.99 
            Note: (These can be ready in as little as 1 hour)!

     •Large Fresh Fruit Platter: 18".....(serves 40-50)...............$59.95

    Fresh sliced wedges of sweet, juicy cantaloupe, honeydew, red and green seedless grapes, and sliced strawberries. Placed on a fresh bed of green leaf lettuce. (Fruit varieties may vary, based on seasonal availability). Vegetable & Dip Trays: 
Celery, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, mushrooms, all prepared fresh for your guests. Neatly placed on a bed of fresh green leaf lettuce. Surrounding our "homemade vegetable dip". Truly a crowd pleaser!                                          
        •Small Tray (12 inch) Serves 15-18.....$32.95
        •Large Tray (18 inch) Serves 30-35.....$44.95

•Gourmet Meat & Cheese Trays:
Top round roast beef, eye of round pastrami, all white meat turkey breast, surrounded by Provolone, American, & Swiss cheese. Neatly arranged on a bed of green leaf lettuce. Decorated with tomatoes, bell peppers, and mushrooms. (Remember to order our fresh baked dinner rolls).
        •Large Tray (18 inch) Serves 20-25..................$65.95
•18"-"Variety" Sandwich Platter: Note: (These can be ready in as little as 1 hour)!
Choose any Four-14 inch Torpedoes from the menu (cold sandwiches only, please). We will cut them into 1/4's and arrange them beautifully on an 18"
Party Platter. We add green chili, and jalapenos to your guests delight! 
(sides of mustard, mayonnaise, & Italian dressing.
        •Large Tray (18 inch) Serves 16.........................$49.95     
        •Large Tray (18 inch) w/your choice of cheese
                               on sandwiches.
Serves 16.................$53.95

•18" "Jumbo" Gourmet Meat Platter:
Includes fresh sliced top-round roast beef, eye of round pastrami, all white meat smoked turkey breast, and dinner ham. Neatly rolled and placed on a bed of green leaf lettuce. (approx. 8 lbs. total), of delicious meats on this tray. (Remember to order our fresh baked dinner rolls).
        •Large Tray (18 inch) Serves 45-50.....................$93.88
•Fresh-Baked Dinner Rolls (made to order) French or Whole Wheat..3.79 dz.
•Fresh-Baked French 14" Sub Rolls......  $1.15 ea. or Half dozen Rolls for $6.59















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